Kodak CFH-V15

Watchful Eye

by Lionell Go Macahilig

Today, more and more Filipinos are becoming pet lovers, and many of us will do our best to ensure the security and well-being of our animal friends. Thankfully, many of today’s innovations allow pet-loving consumers to monitor and observe what’s going on at home even if they are at work or far away during a vacation. Among these are network cameras and one specific example of which is the Kodak CFH-V15.

Kodak CFH-V15

Upon unboxing, the first thing that we noticed was the CFH-V15’s unique form factor which reminded us of the Star Wars villain Darth Vader because of its helmet like shape and black color.

The network camera consists of two components: the circular imaging module and the conical body that holds it Attached to the body, the camera module is capable of rotating in up-and-down and left-and-right motion (350 degrees), enabling users to see not only the surroundings of their pet, but also a glimpse of the entire household. The device’s body comes with a removable disc base, so that it can be installed on a ceiling or a wall, depending on the user’s requirements.

Once the CFH-V15 is fixed, the next thing that users should do is connect it to the home’s Wi-Fi network and this can be done by pushing the button located on the body. Then, users should install the iSecurity+ mobile application. Auspiciously, iSecurity+ is compatible with both Android and iOS. Detection and establishment of connectivity among the CFH-V15, our network, and handset (we used an iPhone 6s) were fast and stable. Through iSecurity+ users will have a view of what the network camera sees inside the house and be able to maneuver the camera’s orientation by tapping the up-and-down and left-and-right onscreen arrows. The app also allows for enabling and disabling the built-in mic for audio recording or the IR LEDs for night vision.

Kodak is a brand that can be easily associated with good imaging and, with that, we had been expecting that the CFH-V15 would give us good captured images. The network camera was able to record images, both still and moving as well as both color and monochrome, and all of these were conveniently stored on our mobile device. Overall, images were modest in terms of quality, but were not as good as the ones that we took with some of the HD network cameras that we tested in the past such as those models from Kedacom and Samsung.

Easy to use with modest image quality, the Kodak CFH-V15 is a basic network camera for home users who need one that can monitor, not only for the sake of their pets, but also for the security of the entire household.


A network camera for home users who need a basic one that can monitor, not only for the sake of their pets, but also for the security of the entire household.


SENSOR 2MP 1/3″ CMOS, 1280 x 720p (Max. Resolution)

CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n

COMPATIBILITY Android 2.2, iOS 4.3 (Minimum)

NIGHT VISION Yes, Six D5 IR LEDs, 10m Max. Distance


7.5 Total Score

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