G-Drive slim SSD USB-C 500GB – Pick up speed with this fast drive

G-Drive slim SSD USB-C 500GB – FEATURES USB 3.1 Gen 2. Type A and C cables included

G-Drive slim SSD USB-C 500GB VERDICT

If you want to copy large files quickly and you have USB-C. look no further than this.

This may look like a 2.5-inch hard drive, but in your hand you can tell it’s not.

Its maker draws attention to the G-Drive’s 9.9mm-thick body, but its 127g – though not the lightest drive we’ve tested – is just as attractive. Aluminium bar its plastic trim, we would’ve liked it to come with a carrying sleeve.

G-Drive slim SSD USB-C 500GB

The drive is claimed to achieve transfer rates up to 54oMB/sec. USB-connected SSDs we’ve tested in the past have peaked at 44oMB/sec; over a USB-A cable, and this one performed similarly to them when using a USB-A to USB-C adaptor to connect it to a Late 2016 MacBook Pro.

But, over its USB-C cable, peak transfer rates when reading files were just a few megabytes per second less than what’s quoted. Peak, mean average and minimum sequential transfer rates were all healthily ahead of our old favourite, Samsung’s T3, peaking at 534.7MB/sec when reading and 496.1MB/ sec when writing.

In our difficult random read and write tests, which use small file sizes up to lMB, the G-Drive exhibited excellent speeds, except for randomly reading files upwards of 256KB, where it lagged behind the T3 – but not enough to be a concern.


This isn’t the smallest USB-connected SSD we’ve seen, but it is the quickest.

8 Total Score
G-Drive slim SSD USB-C 500GB

  • Mostly great speeds
  • Minor speed drops
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