Fractal Design Edison M 750W

Fractal Design Edison M 750WSwedish brand Fractal Design is represented in this segment by the Edison M 750W, an 80 Plus Gold unit with modular cabling, denoted by the ‘M’ in the model name. The unit distinguishes itself visually through Fractal’s signature white fan, which is visible underneath the grille.
The motherboard, CPU and two PCI-E graphics cables are fixed to the main unit, which makes sense, as most people will always need them. Fractal Design also packs four more PCI-E connectors in the box for a total of six, which is overkill for a 750W PSU, but at least you won’t run out of connectors. With the exception of the 24-pin ATX cable, all the cables are flat and have a decent length, although the length isn’t as excessive as that offered by some competitors. The unit itself is 160mm long, and its 2.2kg weight makes it one of the heftier PSUs on test too.The Edison M’s test results are solid, with a decent average efficiency of 89.58 per cent, and respectable efficiency from 50W loads onwards. The 12V stability is also good, never dipping below 12V, while the ripple values only max out at 27.6mVtt, a better result than the similarly priced EVGA SuperNova G2 750W. Meanwhile, the 120mm fan runs quietly, being inaudible under lower loads, and only getting marginally louder after being under a 500W load for 20 minutes – the 33.8dB(A) noise measurement is effectively inaudible once the PSU is in a PC case anyway.The Fractal Design Edison M 750W is a great PSU at a low price. In fact, there’s barely any difference in terms of performance and value for money between this PSU and the EVGA SuperNova G2 750W.As the EVGA has a smaller enclosure, similar efficiency and a slightly lower price, it’s our recommended low-price 750W PSU of choice, but there isn’t much in it – if you can find the Fractal cheaper then it’s still a cracking PSU.Decent performance and low-noise operation for a great price.

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