Extract audio from any video

What you need: Pazera Free Audio Extractor; Any Windows version (XP to 10) Time required: 30 minutes

As its name suggests, Pazera Free Audio Extractor is a great free program that lets you extract audio from any video on your PC quickly and easily. You can use it to extract music, speech or even birdsong from videos. You can choose where these audio files are saved, and rename and save them in a variety of formats. The program also lets you extract audio from multiple videos in one go.

Before installing the program, you need to check whether your computer is 32bit or 64bit. Right-click This PC/Computer (on your Desktop, Start menu or within Windows/File Explorer), click Properties, then look under ‘System type’ in the System section. The program appears as a zipped file, so you’ll need a file-compression program to open it (we recommend PeaZip www.peazip.org). To download the program, go to www.snipca.com/24952, click the version for your PC (64bit 1 or 32bit 2) then click Free Download at the top right.

There’s a specific way to install the program. First, create a folder called Pazera Free Audio Extractor in the Program Files (or any other) folder on your C Drive. Now open the downloaded setup file. If you use PeaZip, click the Extract dropdown menu 1 , click ‘Extract all to’ 2, navigate to the folder you created using the dropdown menus, then click OK. Finally, navigate to and open this folder on your PC, then launch the setup file within to open the program. You’ll see an empty list on the left with options on the right.

It’s a good idea to extract audio from one video first, get familiar with the program’s settings, then extract audio from multiple videos in one go (see Step 6). First, click ‘Add files’ 1, navigate to and select the video whose audio you want to extract, then click Open. Click Play 2 if you want to check whether you’ve loaded the right video. By default, your extracted audio file will be saved to the same folder as its video. To change this, click the ‘Output directory’ dropdown menu. You’ll see options to save the audio to the Desktop, My Music or My Documents folder 3. To save it to another PC folder, click Custom 4, click the three dots 5, select the folder you want, then click OK.

Your extracted audio file will be the same name as its video file. Type in the fields provided if you want to add a prefix or suffix to this name 1 . Next, click the Audio dropdown menu 2. Files are automatically saved in the MP3 format, which we recommend. If you prefer, you can change it to 10 other popular audio formats (including WMA and WAV) using the ‘Output format’ dropdown menu 3. The volume of your extracted audio will be the same as the video you’re extracting it from. Move the volume slider 4 if you want to change this.

Click Convert 1 to begin extracting the audio from your video file. You’ll see the file-conversion progress bar 2 in a new pop-up window 3, which will close when the audio is extracted (how long this takes depends on your video length). Go to the file location you set (in Step 3) to see your converted audio, then play it using any media player program on your PC. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 if you need to tweak your conversion settings.


We’ll now show you how to extract audio from multiple videos in one go. There are two ways to do this. You can either keep clicking ‘Add files’ 1, then add one video at a time. Alternatively, if all the videos are saved to the same folder, click ‘Add folder’ 2, navigate to the folder containing the videos, then click OK. If there are any videos whose audio you don’t want to extract, untick them. Change the audio’s save location, file name and output format using the options on the right (see Steps 3 and 4), then click Convert 3 to extract the audio from all the ticked video files.

The program has many customisation options. For example, if you find its fonts too small to see, click Options 1 . Here, you can change the font using the dropdown menu 2 and the font size and row height using the up and down arrows 3 (changes are updated immediately). Similarly, you can choose one of 10 different themes from the ‘Visual style’ dropdown menu 4. Pazera doesn’t automatically add a desktop icon, so click ‘Create shortcut on the Desktop’ 5 to do that.

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