EVGA SuperNova G2 750W

EVGA SuperNova G2 750WEVGA’s entrant in this segment is the SuperNova G2 750W, and like EVGA’s 550W PSU on test, it comes in at a very tempting price. What’s more, the low price of £87 inc VAT doesn’t seem to have had any impact on the feature set. It has a fully modular design and a lot of attractive, long, sleeved cables. The cable set includes four PCI-E graphics plugs, which is plenty for a PSU in this class and, remarkably, the SuperNova G2 measures only 140mm long, meaning you can fit it into just about any case.
What’s more, the SuperNova G2 750W performs admirably, with an average efficiency of 89.41 per cent and solid 12V stability even at maximum load. The efficiency under low loads is less stellar, but there are no complaints from 100W upwards. The only slight issue with the G2 750W is the ripple, which comes close to our 50mVtt cutoff, recording 47.2mVtt at maximum load – this won’t be an issue in everyday use, but most of the competition has better ripple results.The SuperNova G2 750W also has the additional benefit of being super-quiet, thanks to its semi-passive ‘Eco’-mode. The fan only spins up under prolonged heavy load and, even then, our meter only registered 32.8dB(A), which is effectively inaudible once you factor in a surrounding case and the distance between the power supply and your ears.With decent efficiency, a compact enclosure, quiet operation and a very low price, the SuperNova G2 750W is a great deal if your budget (or case) can’t accommodate the Corsair RM750i.A compact enclosure, decent efficiency and quiet operation for a surprisingly low price. A great deal.

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