Stop Your Laptop Overheating

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There’s much less space in a laptop than in a desktop PC, forcing components closer together and increasing the heat they generate. This can become a severe problem when performing resource-intensive tasks like playing games, sharing files, ripping CDs or streaming TV. Laptop manufacturers use two methods to keep the heat down: passive cooling (reducing … Read more

RFinder B1 Review

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Joe Chester gets excited by the RFinder B1, to the extent that he actually buys one! So, I pull around a corner, and I hear what was a very strange conversation. A Scotsman is trying to teach an American to speak English like a Scotsman. “Only use o’s and u’s”, he says. “So, I koop a hord of … Read more

Xiegu GNR1 Review

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Daimon Tilley G4USI checks out a newly launched accessory from Xiegu. Read our Xiegu GNR1 Review. Pleased to see another new product from Xiegu, Alan at Sinotel kindly agreed to the loan of this device to review. The blurb states that the filter is designed to be used in the external audio chain of a transceiver … Read more

Where is my CMOS battery

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Where’s my CMOS battery? Q My Packard Bell OneTwo L5710 all-in-one PC is acting strangely, making me suspect a dying CMOS battery. It switches itself off after a period of use, or restarts during power up. It runs Windows 10 and has all the latest drivers. I removed the rear case to look for the … Read more

Speedlink Strike NX Review: A great price, but the triggers just aren’t good enough

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Speedlink Strike NX Review – Can this budget gamepad compete with more expensive alternatives? Some time ago, I reviewed the Speedlink Torid gamepad, a wireless controller bearing more than a passing resemblance to the official Xbox 360 pad. As well as dual support for Xinput and DirectInput, and compatibility with the PlayStation 3, the Torid is … Read more

Student laptops

Student Laptops

STUDENT LAPTOPS – Whether its school, sixth form, college, university or home study, these are the best laptops for learning The top contenders for the best student laptops put value over having the top-of-the-line processors and graphics cards. And yet, they still have enough juice to get you through your demanding workload at school – as well … Read more