Get 272GB of online storage for FREE

Get 272gb Of Online Storage For Free

Save yourself the cost of buying a new hard drive. Jonathan Parkyn explains how you can get gigabytes of cloud storage for nothing If your once-roomy hard drive is beginning to feel claustrophobic – or if you’ve started seeing dreaded ‘Low Disk Space’ warnings – then you’re probably considering buying more storage. An external USB drive … Read more

AVG Rescue CD Business Edition Review

The Avg Interface May Look Simple, But There Is Hidden Powers Here

AVG is one of the old guard of AV products aimed at the home and business user. While it enjoyed some popularity a few years ago, with its free AV product, the company has since seen a reduction in its user base -since Windows 8.1 and 10 bundled the MS AV, undoubtedly. However, that doesn’t … Read more

Avira Rescue System Review

The Avira Rescue System Interface Is Ubuntu Based And Looks Good

• Requirements: 1GB RAM, 700MHz CPU, internet connection Despite our best efforts in keeping our PCs virus and problem free, there occasionally comes a time when something can go drastically wrong. If we had a pound for every time one of our PCs suddenly stopped booting or we messed up some of the files, folders … Read more

WebSite X5 Professional 13 Review

Website X5 Professional 13 Review

Joe checks out a new release from Incomedia • Requirements: Windows XP or later, 1 GB RAM The internet is constantly changing with new developments that make our lives more informed, more entertained and easier to shop. These changes are mainly driven by websites all vying for our attention and of course our business. This … Read more

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Review

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Review

LITTLE HAS CHANGED SINCE LAST YEAR, BUT THAT’S NO BAD THING ­ AND A BUILT-IN VPN ONLY SWEETENS THE DEAL Kaspersky‘s 2016 suite won our security suites Labs with its flawless performance in independent malware protection tests ­ and the 2017 edition carries on the good work. In the most recent round of testing by, Kaspersky Internet … Read more

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 10.8 Free Review

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 10.8 Free Review

 Recovery data for free Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is a free application, help you solve all common problem about lost data. With it, you can recovery lost file from internal disk, external disk, USB, SD card, digital camera, smartphone, mp3 player and another storages,.. When using computer, sometime you will have mistake of deleting data … Read more

Autolt Review: An Open Source Software Testing Tool for Windows

Autoit Review

  The official website of Autolt defines it as a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting. Autolt runs on all versions of Windows. This third-generation programming language can be used to automate any specific task by simply writing a few lines of script. It can hardly be denied … Read more

The 10 best superhero games for PC

The 10 Best Superhero Games For Pc

Best superhero games pc – They’re not always great, but Rob Leane has picked out a few gems… The combination of being a comic book fan and a PC gamer isn’t always an easy one. Back when Spider-Man 2 was being heralded as one of the best offerings ever produced for PS2, PC players were lumbered with … Read more

Stop background processes slowing you down

Stop Background Processes Slowing You Down

Sometimes the biggest drains on your system resources are things you don’t even realise are running. Robert Irvine explains how to detect and disable the hidden hogs The simplest way to find out what’s happening in the background on your PC is through the Windows Task Manager. To launch this built-in tool, either right-click the … Read more

Ashampoo Zip Pro 2 review

Ashampoo Zip Pro 2 Review

A new multipurpose and integrated compression solution for all your files If you’ve used a computer for at least couple of weeks you’ll already have come across zip files. Or likely candidates are Tar, Rar, Sit, Sqx, Cab and many others. So what you need is an all encompassing program like this latest release from … Read more

Vegas Pro 14 review

Vegas Pro 14 Review

Vegas Pro 14 review – Magix acquires and updates the Vegas Pro professional movie editor Three months ago, Magix (well known for its video editing software) acquired many of the multimedia products from Sony’s Creative Software Catalogue. Among them was Sony’s acclaimed video editor Vegas Pro, a sophisticated editing solution used by many professional film … Read more

UltraDefrag review: A Choice Defragmenter for Windows

Ultradefrag A Choice Defragmenter For Windows

The performance of Windows systems is greatly enhanced by defragmenting or defragging the disk. A file may have many small fragments spread across the hard disk of the computer. Rearranging the fragments together in one place speeds up computer performance. The Windows OS does provide an inbuilt defrag tool, but the efficiency of the operation … Read more