Macrorit Partition Expert Pro Review


Partitioning your hard drive lets you make optimum use of its space by storing different types of data in separate sections, but the partition manager in Windows (called Disk Management) is basic and confusing. Macrorit Partition Expert is a more sophisticated alternative, which packs lots of useful features into an easy-to-understand interface. The free version offers everything you need to … Read more

macOS Ventura Review

macOS Ventura Review 9.jpg

Deep dive: Hands-on with the new operating system Hot off the heels of the iOS 16 release and a slew of new hardware announcements, The launch of macOS Ventura brings dozens of new features designed to make our MacBooks iMacs, and Mac Studios even more powerful, including the cutting-edge Stage Manager. Read our macOS Ventura … Read more

Ubuntu Unity 23.04 Review

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This seventh release of Ubuntu Unity, version 23.04, was released on 20 April, 2023. The middle one of three interim releases leading to the next Long Term Support (LTS) release, this is also its second release as an Ubuntu official flavor. Read our Ubuntu Unity 23-04 Review. Written by Adam Hunt In terms of how this development cycle is proceeding, the news … Read more

WizTree 4.19 Review

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WizTree has long been my favourite program for discovering which files and folders are taking up the most room on your hard drive, so you can delete them to free up storage. It’s impressively fast, free for personal use and makes it easy to identify space hogs using its colour-coded ‘tree map’. Infor DRIVE SPACE ANALYSER What … Read more

How can I recover lost photos for free?

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l’ve always hated how file-recovery programs claim to find lost photos, but then charge you to locate them. Is there software that actually does it all for free – with no sneaky hidden charges? Simon Lindsay There are several free photo-recovery tools, but our favourite is PhotoRec. It’s open-source, so is completely free with no hidden catches. It … Read more

Tiny11 Review

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We asked Nik Rawlinson to move out of his comfort zone and give this stripped-down version of Windows 11 a try. Read our Tiny11 Review. Tiny11 is a stripped-down version of Windows 11. Where the full-fat OS requires 4GB of RAM and 64GB of drive space, Tiny11 can manage with 2GB and 8GB respectively. It looks like the perfect … Read more

Can I emulate Spectrum on Windows?

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Hoping to recapture some of my lost youth, I decided to see if I remembered how to programme the ZX Spectrum (my first computer). Which is the best Spectrum emulator for Windows 11? Michael Cornell Try Spectaculator (, available for Windows, iOS and Android. The Windows version has a free 30-day trial, after which it costs £ for the current edition, or £ to add lifetime … Read more

MailStore Home 11 Review

Mailstore Home 11 Review | Min requirements: Windows 7/8.1/10 File size: 10.5MB MailStore Home 11 Review – If you use a webmail service such as Gmail, you no doubt trust the provider to keep your messages safe. However, it makes sense to backup your emails from time to time, just in case disaster strikes. It’s also useful to have a … Read more

What can I replace SyncToy with

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After resetting my laptop to its factory settings. I’ve lost a lot of programs that are no longer compatible with Windows 11. One was Microsoft’s SyncToy, which I used to back up my files to an external hard drive. Is there a good free alternative? Andrew Ball Backing up your files is an essential, ongoing task, so … Read more

Should I pay for BurnAware Premium?

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BurnAware is one of the few remaining programs for creating your own CDs and DVDs, and recently released version 17.2. The disc-burning software offers free and paid-for editions, so you can download the one that best suits your needs. Read our Should I pay for BurnAware Premium. Free trial: Seven days What you need: Windows 7, 8,10 or … Read more

Close Privacy Eraser after cleaning your PC

Close Privacy Eraser After Cleaning Your Pc 1

I can’t recall why, but I stopped using Privacy Eraser ( a few years ago. I decided to download it again after reading about the new version. I remembered instantly how easy it was to use. Every setting seems to be in just the right place. What I also like is that the settings it … Read more