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Can I emulate Spectrum on Windows?

Hoping to recapture some of my lost youth, I decided to see if I remembered how to programme the ZX Spectrum (my first computer). Which is the best Spectrum emulator for Windows 11? Michael Cornell Try Spectaculator (, ...

What can I replace SyncToy with

After resetting my laptop to its factory settings. I’ve lost a lot of programs that are no longer compatible with Windows 11. One was Microsoft’s SyncToy, which I used to back up my files to an external hard drive. Is there a good free alternative? Andrew Ball Backing up your files is an ...

Should I pay for BurnAware Premium?

BurnAware is one of the few remaining programs for creating your own CDs and DVDs, and recently released version 17.2. The disc-burning software offers free and paid-for editions, so you can download the one that best suits your needs. Read our Should I pay for BurnAware Premium. Free ...

Use a live video feed in PowerPoint

Presenter view in Microsoft PowerPoint makes it easy to deliver all kinds of material - from photo slideshows to background information like an itinerary or statistics. But what if you’re not in the room when your presentation is being delivered? Or you’re delivering it ...

Close Privacy Eraser after cleaning your PC

I can’t recall why, but I stopped using Privacy Eraser ( a few years ago. I decided to download it again after reading about the new version. I remembered instantly how easy it was to use. Every setting seems to be in just the right place. ...

How can I remove duplicate music files ?

My 20-year-old music library is in a mess. In the past I’ve used both MediaMonkey ( and MusicBee ( to manage it, but after the arrival of Windows 11 just about everything is duplicated. What can I use to sort this out? Read our How can I remove duplicate ...

Best Free UNINSTALLERS for 2024

When you want to remove an app or program from your PC, you probably reach for Windows’ built-in ‘Add or remove programs’ option. It’s okay for removing the odd program here and there, but all too often you’ll be presented with a message telling you that some components couldn’t be removed, or ...

Watch US Netflix without being banned

Some websites block and even ban you for trying to access them with a VPN. Read our Use a VPN without being banned. Robert Irvine explains how to retain your privacy online by disguising that you’re using a VPN A VPN is the best way to browse the web privately, but it ...

Should I pay for Stardock DeskScapes 11?

Windows includes only a few alternative wallpapers for your desktop, which you’ve probably already tried and tired of. Stardock DeskScapes offers a more versatile and sophisticated way to personalize your workspace. Should I pay for Stardock DeskScapes 11 ? Product Link: ...

VirtualBox vs VMware Workstation Player

WHETHER YOU’RE LOOKING to recreate an older version of Windows to play classic games or try different flavors of Linux without having to set up a dual-boot system, virtualization is the answer to your prayers. The good news is that it costs nothing to emulate OSes on your PC thanks to these two ...


We implicitly trust our browsers every time we go online, but sadly that trust is often misplaced. When you visit websites in the comfort of your own home, you don’t want or expect details of your activities to be collected, shared and used to build a profile of your interests, so you can be ...

Free up PC memory

Adding memory to your PC is one of the most effective upgrades you can make. The trouble is, not everyone can do it. Some computers are sealed boxes, and others have their memory soldered to the motherboard. In such cases, you’ll have to make the most efficient use of the memory you’ve got. But ...

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