BenQ W2000 Projector review

We’ve had a few BenQ projectors through our doors in recent months, as the company is focusing on the run up to Christmas and undoubtedly those looking to spend out for some projected home cinema. While great on its own, we thought it’d be interesting to see how a BenQ middle of the line projector would rate against the competition.


The BenQ W2000 projector is a prime example of the ideal living room, home cinema and entertainment projector. This moderately compact DLP projector has some pretty interesting features, such as a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, a contrast ratio of 15000:1, 2000 ANSI lumens and some excellent connectivity.

The 240W lamp has a lifespan of around 3,500 hours under normal operations, in addition, though, there are other eco modes that further extend its life to 5000 and even 6,000 hours. Lamp replacement is relatively easy, a 10-step process that’s thankfully detailed with diagrams in the manual.

Connectivity on the W2000 consists of a pair of HDMI ports, of which one is MHL enabled, VGA and component video. There are also two USB ports, type-A and type-B, an RS232 port, composite video and stereo audio input.

The W2000 includes a decent set of 20W speakers built-in to the chassis. Most projector speakers tend to be worse than the built-in speakers on a monitor or TV, but by using a resonant chamber the W2000 actually manages to reproduce a decent level of bass along with a reasonably powerful audio performance.

Setting up the W2000 was certainly easy enough and when connected via HDMI the image quality was really good. The 100” cast screen size, projected from a mere three meters away was remarkably sharp. The sound too was deafening when turned up, even on a low setting it was quite loud.

The projected image quality comes courtesy of the Rec.709 CinematicColour technology, which uses a modern type of colour wheel to achieve a finer degree of colour accuracy in HD images.

The BenQ W2000 is a great, low cost home theatre projector. Connectivity is great, as is the image output

3D images weren’t quite as good as we were hoping for, but we’ve never come across a 3D enabled projector that can match a decent 3D TV.

Overall the BenQ W2000 is a very good home theatre and HD cinema-feel projector. The noise levels from it never went beyond the stated 29dBA and the picture quality is one of the better we’ve seen in quite some time.

BenQ also included various picture modes which also help you get a quality setup with as little hassle as possible, but as with most projectors, you’ll need to fiddle around with it a bit until you have the perfect image.

Surprisingly, the W2000 is relatively cheap, given the level of technology used throughout and the quality of the image projected. For around £800 the BenQ W2000 would make for an ideal home, office or even advanced classrooms.

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BenQ W2000 Projector review

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