ASUS VivoStick TS10 Review

The ASUS Pocket Rocket – Bring a PC with you wherever you go with the ASUS  VivoStick

Intel’s ComputeStick has seen several iterations come in and out of the market, and this time, even ASUS has updated its VivoStick to include several new updates that aims at bringing users the best in portable computing. Introducing the new ASUS VivoStick TS10.

To the uninitiated, the ASUS VivoStick is a full-fledged PC in a stick, allowing users to have a full Microsoft Windows experience simply by connecting the device to a display with a HDMI port, and powered by a basic power plug.


This particular VivoStick, the TS10 is powered by an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor, with 2GBs of LPDDR3 RAM and 32GBs of storage space, which comes with the option of having Windows 10 installed.

As for I/O ports, the VivoStick TS10 sports one USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0 port, a 3.5mm audio jack port and a MicroUSB port which helps provide power to the device.

As mentioned earlier, the VivoStick TS10 connects to a display via the HDMI port, and is capable of going up to Full HD in terms of resolution.

Design is one of the aspects of the VivoStick that ASUS did not gloss over. The VivoStick’s chassis is a mix between glossy and matte polycarbonate, while the power button on the top of the device looks like it has been inspired by ASUS’ Zen spun-metal effect finish. The device itself looks like it was crafted with care too, with all the ports belonging where they need to be, with nothing jutting out unceremoniously.


Performance-wise, the VivoStick TS10 works like a charm out of the box. Simply connect the device to your HDMI-capable display, hook up the accompanying MicroUSB port to the power adapter, and you’re pretty much set to go. That said, it is also best that you have a wireless keyboard and mouse combo to make the most out of the VivoStick’s extra USB port, or if you have one that’s Bluetooth-capable, you can connect it that way too.

The VivoStick TS10 also features support for WiFi-ac, so you can connect it to the internet quickly without having to worry about cables and such. Throughout our tests with it, the VivoStick did pretty well with things like video playback, document editing and the like.

That said, the 2GB RAM on the VivoStick does show its limitations sometimes on the occasion that you open too many programs, or tabs on your browser all at once, so we recommend opening just three to four programs at most to ensure that the VivoStick runs smoothly.

+ Compact
+ Price

– Prone to lag


CPU: Intel Atom x5-Z8350
Memory: 2GB LPDDR3
Storage: 32GB eMMC
I/O: USB 3.0 x1, USB 2.0 x1, microUSB x1, HDMI x1
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi-ac


The ASUS VivoStick TS10 is one of the sleekest ComputeStick devices that we’ve  seen in a while. It’s performance is also  great, and the fact that everything works  fine out of the box makes it an easy device  to recommend if you’re looking to bring a  portable computing device with you on the  move.

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