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Asus Rampage V Edition 10 review

Asus‘ Rampage V Edition 10 is the second X99 board to bear the ‘Rampage V’ moniker, with the second part of the name denoting the fact that ROG is celebrating its tenth anniversary – congratulations Asus. However, unlike some of the recent Z170 and X99 refreshes, the Rampage V Edition 10 is a very different board to its predecessor. Gone is the familiar red and black color scheme, and in its place is a mostly black PCB that’s similar to the Maximus VIII Formula, with color coming from RGB LED lighting.

With a color-neutral motherboard, you can switch the lighting to practically any color, easily matching the Rampage V Edition 10 to the color scheme of your system. Asus’ RGB lighting has been consistently excellent, with very accurate colors and the Rampage V Edition 10 has even more lighting areas than the Maximus VIII Formula, with a large strip down one side, plus the PCI-E slot levers, PCH heatsink ROG logo, sound circuitry and I/O panel are all illuminated.


Asushas sensibly ditched SATA Express

The PCI-E slot levers also indicate the correct slots to use for two, three and four-way GPU setups for the best bandwidth and cooling. A small lever on the board allows you to switch to the desired configuration, with the levers lighting up accordingly. There’s a huge gap between the primary and secondary 16x PCI-E slots too, so air-cooled cards will have plenty of clearance for airflow.

As well as four 16x PCI-E slots, you also get a 1x PCI-E slot and a 4x PCI-E slot which may be handy for adding a PCI-E storage device; the Rampage V Edition 10 only includes single M.2 and U.2 ports, and no PCI-E adaptor. Meanwhile, Asus has sensibly ditched SATA Express with the Rampage V Edition 10, and there are ten standard SATA 6Gbps ports. Thankfully, it’s unlikely you’ll need either of those aforementioned smaller PCI-E slots for a sound card. As well as the usual Realtek-based SupremeFX audio, the board includes a 5.25in amplifier box with headphone jacks and a microphone input.

Other accessories include custom two, three and four-way SLI bridges, a 4-channel PWM fan extender that can be controlled in the EFI, a Wi-Fi desktop aerial and an RGB LED extension cable for the single on-board 4-pin led header. The latter can be controlled either by the included Windows Aura software, or in the EFI. In the EFI, you can only choose from a dozen or so colors, or turn off the lights, while the Aura software gives you the full RGB color spectrum and splits the lighting into various zones.

You get a huge array of overclocking and testing tools too, including voltage readout points, a dual BIOS switch, power and reset buttons, and a few controls for sub-zero cooling and extreme overclocking, such as the ability to disable individual DIMM or PCI-E slots to quickly swap hardware or identify faulty items. We did spot some issues with the layout, though, such as the 8-pin CPU power connector on our Corsair PSU rubbing up against the VRM heatsink, pushing both parts outwards. It’s also impossible to release most graphics cards in the primary PCI-E slot with your fingers, as the gap is only a few millimeters wide.

On the plus side, the rear panel is bristling with ports and includes two Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports, three USB 3 ports and a pair of USB 3.1 Type-A and Type C ports, along with a clear-CMOS button and another button for Asus’ USB BIOS flashback feature, which allows you to install a new BIOS without using a CPU.

The EFI itself is excellent, with a mass of options for extreme overclockers, while also making it easy to apply a reasonable overclock in a few seconds. The fan control suite, as with all current Asus ROG boards, is superb too.


The Rampage V Edition 10 continued Asus’ strong form at stock speed thanks to some aggressive CPU boosting once we’d set the XMP profile in the EFI. Its total system score of 163,531 is way ahead of even its nearest rival – the Asus X99-Deluxe II, which managed 159,273. MSI‘s XPower Gaming Titanium and Gigabyte’s X99 Design are noticeably

slower, with similar results in Total War: Warhammer. There were no issues in storage tests either, with read and write speeds of 2,300MB/sec and 957MB/sec for the M.2 port using a Samsung 950 Pro, while the SATA 6 Gbps ports sat around the respective read and write speeds of 559MB/sec and 528MB/ sec using a Samsung 850 Pro.

The audio performance was average using the on-board audio ports on the I/O panel, but switching to the SupremeFX HiFi amplifier saw the dynamic range and noise levels improve. The former rose from 103dBA to TIOdBA according to RightMark Audio Analyzer, while the noise level fell from -103dBA to -110dBA. This result is the best we’ve seen from any motherboard using our standard RightMark test. In terms of overclocking, our usual 800MHz overclock to 4.4GHz with our Core i7-6850K was easily achieved with just a 1.36 V vcore – using custom water cooling would likely see this result rise further too, as only the temperature prevented us from going further.


The Rampage V Edition 10 is hugely expensive, but also very desirable. It isn’t perfect – there’s no way to use two U.2 or M.2 drives and the layout has a couple of issues, but otherwise, it has every feature you need to build a mega PC. Asus has once again combined performance, overclocking prowess, features and great aesthetics to create a king of the X99 platform.



Stunning RGB lighting, excellent audio, and great performance and features make for a superb motherboard, although its very expensive.

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ASUS LGA2011 5Way Optimization SafeSlot X99 EATX Motherboard (Rampage V Edition 10)

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Chipset Intel X99 CPU socket Intel LGÄ2011-V3 Memory support 8 slots: max 128GB DDR3 (up to 3333MHz)

Expansion slots Four 16x PCI-E 3. one 1x PCI-E 2. one 4x PC1-E

Sound ROG SupremeFX Networking Intet I218-V Gigabit LAN. Intet 1211-AT Gigabit LAN. 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Overclocking Base clock 80-300MHZ. CPU multipüerl2-80x: max voltages. CPU 2V. RAM 2.15SV Ports 10 X SATA 6Gbps (Z170). 1 x M2.

1 x U.2.8 x USB 3.2 x USB 3.1 Type-A.

2 x USB 3.1 Type-C 6 x USB 2.2 x LAN. 3 x surround audio out. line in. mic. (extra 3.5mm and 6.3mm audio out and mic via SupremeFX HiFi) Dimensions (mm) 305 x 272


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Asus Rampage V Edition 10 review

Stunning RGB lighting, excellent audio, and great performance and features make for a superb motherboard, although its very expensive.

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