SilverStone Strider Gold S 750W

SilverStone Strider Gold S 750WSilverStone’s Strider Gold S is reasonably priced at £96 inc VAT, and offers pretty much everything you could want in the features department, including four PCI-E graphics connectors and plenty of SATA and Molex plugs, as well as long, flat cables and a fully modular design. The enclosure is surprisingly small too, measuring just 141mm long, so it will fit in plenty of cases.

All the cables are sufficiently long, and the SATA and Molex cables are very long indeed, with the former measuring over a metre. Meanwhile, the Strider’s single 12V rail can deliver 62.5A and it does so with excellent stability and efficiency, averaging 89.77 per cent. Ripple values are also good, with a highest measured value of 23mVtt at maximum load.What’s more, even though the SilverStone Strider Gold S 750W uses a comparatively small 120mm fan, noise production is also excellent. Fan noise is inaudible even after running at a 500W load for 20 minutes, with the meter topping out at 28.5dB(A), putting it among the quieter PSUs on test this month.SilverStone’s only challenge is that the power supply market is now very crowded and, thanks to 80 Plus, fiercely competitive. As a result, there are competing power supplies that manage to be even quieter and deliver even better performance for a similar price. The difference in any real-use scenario is practically non-existent, but you may as well get the best power supply for your budget. That said, the Strider Gold S Series 750W is a great PSU that you should keep on your shortlist if you can find it cheaper, or if your case can’t house a larger PSU such as the Corsair RM750i.An all-round solid contender that’s quiet, efficient and small enough to fit in most cases.


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