Logitech M330 Silent Plus review

Comfy, efficient and quiet as a… mouse

We’re in favour of silent PCs. Nobody wants a bunch of fans doing their best impression of Heathrow’s flight path when you’re trying to work or watch a film. But we can’t say we’ve ever felt the need for a quieter mouse. Even in an open-plan office, colleagues’ clicks are drowned out by the clattering of their keyboards. And who uses a mouse in the quiet carriage on a train?

Nonetheless, Logitech has applied itself to this non-problem and come up with the M330 Silent Plus, a mouse that doesn’t roar. To drive the entirely absent point home, it comes with a set of anti-noise stickers with which you can passive-aggressively decorate your workspace.


So far, so obviously conceived by a PowerPoint of marketing executives (yes, that’s the official collective noun). We have to admit, though, that not only does the M330 click discreetly, it’s generally a very good mouse. It’s quite small, which is handy if you have the urge to take it to the coffee shop just to deliberately not annoy anyone, yet comfortable even in larger hands, as long as you’re right-handed.

The rubbery texture is nicely grippy, the scroll wheel is smooth, and an AA battery should last you a year or two, which is probably more convenient than recharging. It comes with its own wireless dongle, so it’ll work without Bluetooth but needs a USB port.

Silent clicking can be a bit disorienting, but, like flat keyboards, we’ll probably get used to it. Maybe one day all mice will be mute.


2.4GHz wireless mouse • Supports Windows 7,8 or 10, OS X 10.S or later, Linux, Chrome OS • Requires 1xAA battery (supplied)


Acoustics aside, this is a well-made mouse at a fair price. Windows 10 arguably works better with a trackpad, though


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8 Total Score
Logitech M330 Silent Plus review

Acoustics aside, this is a well-made mouse at a fair price. Windows 10 arguably works better with a trackpad, though

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