LEPA NEOllusion Review

“. . . the NEOllusion looks like  no other air cooler . . .”

RGB LEDs have forever changed the modding landscape. Where it was once time consuming to color match or compliment the parts of a system build, RGB LEDs built into fans and system components allow you to get creative with relative ease. CPU coolers, being one of the most visible parts of a system build, are an excellent candidate for RGB illumination. LEPA’s new NEOllusion air cooler is outfitted with RGB LEDs on the top and bottom of the heatsink, as well as in the small LEPA logo on the top cover.

LEPA even includes a remote that lets you select one of 16 colors and apply lighting effects.

Outside of the CPU cooler’s RGB LEDs, the NEOllusion’s design is quite similar to LEPA’s LV12 air cooler. Both models feature four 6mm heatpipes that make direct contact with the processor, as well as a slim profile heatsink to avoid obstructing system memory. The NEOllusion also utilizes LEPA’s S.N.T.C. (Super Nano Thermal Conductive), which is a coating that helps the heatsink to resist oxidation without negatively effecting the heatsink’s ability to efficiently move heat.

The NEOllusion includes one 120mm fan, and interestingly, the fan has no LEDs. LEPA tells us that, based on market research, the company found people would like to see LED lighting effects on different parts and components, rather than just the fan. The company is also working on different designs, though, and might include fan LED lighting effects in the future. In our opinion, RGB illumination from the fan might detract from the look of the NEOllusion. The LEDs on the top, bottom, and cover are plenty bright, as is, and more LEDs might make it garish.

Points to LEPA for avoiding the “too much of a good thing” trap.

The 120mm provides a PWM range of 600rpm to 1,800rpm and will generate airflow between 29.33cfm and 75.41cfm.

Noise levels peak at 33dB(A). If that’s too loud for your build, you can install the included fan speed adapter and drop the fan’s PWM range to between 400rpm and 1,000rpm, which in turn lowers noise levels to 19dB(A) or less. Temperatures under load were comparable to what we’ve seen with other slim air coolers when paired with Intel’s Core i7-6700K. In POV-Ray 3.7, the NEOllusion kept the Core i7-6700K to an average of 64.9 degrees Celsius with a maximum temp of 70 C.

When pushing all threads with Prime95, average core temperatures raised to 78.7 C and a maximum of 82 C. Average Idle temperatures were a mere 26.3 C.
RGB or no, air coolers are no stranger to fans with LEDs. But by installing the RGB LEDs above and below the vertically oriented cooler, rather than in the fan on the side of the cooler, LEPA ensured the NEOllusion looks like no other air cooler – at least, none that we’ve seen. In our test system, we particularly like how it illuminates the black metal plate on the GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming. The RGB capabilities, of course, make it easy to coordinate the lighting and refine your build’s color scheme.

Specs:Materials: Copper (base, heatpipes), aluminum (fins); Fan: 120mm PWM (600 – 1,800rpm); Cooler Dimensions: 6.37 x 2.56 x 4.96 inches (HxWxD);
Socket compatibility: Intel LGA 775/115X/1366/2011(3), AMD AM2 (+)/AM3 (+)/FM1/FM2 (+); Warranty: 1 year

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