Kolink Aviator V review: The Aviator flies in to Kevin’s view

Bland and boring cases aren’t for everyone. Sure they may be functional, but where’s the interest, the joy? This is the sort of question a speaking Kolink Aviator V might ask. A miditower PC case that has a little something more than your everyday cases.

Actually there are a few differences, but on the unboxing the most obvious one is the slightly aerodynamic aesthetic. Moulded cutaways and curves are emphasised in a gloss black on the front and top panels. Both are pitched toward the center, with the front panel featuring a dick-to-open door perfect for those who like to tuck away DVD drives and the like. On the top, the power button is accompanied by two USB 3.0 ports, 1x USB 2.0 and a standard mic and audio jack. These form up opposite a reset button, two fan control buttons and an built-in card reader. Those last two details are far from standard inclusions, especially on this budget. But that’s the story of the Aviator V.


While the right-hand panel is a matte black, the left is a darkened acrylic held in place by rubber-buffered screws. With a system in place, any illumination and hardware can… sort of be seen through this panel. Not that the view is clear; Kolink seemingly prefers the intrigue of a few caught glimpses. Given the reflection the panel gives off in well-lit rooms, glances may prove few indeed. Still, the acrylic panel does reinforce the overall style of the case and adds a little intrigue to what can be a fairly dry product category under fifty pounds. The metal mesh covering the top vent is equally true to the style of the Aviator V, proving Kolink is nothing if not committed.

Inside there are few frills and given the interesting inclusions on the exterior, it’s clear that a £46.99 selling price can only stretch so far. Nothing is amiss though and a careful and tidy system builder shouldn’t face any real issues. Three 3.5″ drives and one 2.5″ drive can fit neatly and although there’s little options for cable routes, this may prove the only real issue for many. The Aviator V provides ample room for giant graphics cards and although the PCI plates are (sadly) the snap-off variety, three replacements are thoughtfully included. This consideration certainly gets marks in my book!

For cooling, options tend to be limited with cases of this size, but the Aviator does at least deliver the standard rear 120mm exhaust with space to fit. Some may find a little trickiness in fitting an Intel cooler plate on the rear of a motherboard but, as is the case throughout the interior, ‘snug’ just requires added care and a bit more time and patience.

The final flourish? The Aviator V’stwo red LED-laden 120mm fans concealed behind the glossy black front. When up and running a rather cool, red hue illuminates and shows exactly why this case seems to be (ahem) flying onto many home-builder’s parts lists. Sad to say this case’s glossy panels does detract a little in attracting some marks. However, I’m sure any owner of this case would pride themselves on keeping it clean. If they did, they’d certainly have a rather attractive, well kitted out and very affordable system housing on their hands. A different but slightly daring home for all but the more demanding of systems, mm Kevin Pocock


Model: Aviator black.

Type: Midi tower case.

Colour: black with glossy front panel finish.

Case material: 0.5mm steel/plastic.

Power supply orientation: Bottom.

Motherboard support: ATX/micro-ATX/mini-ITX.

External 5.25” bays: 2.

External 3.5“ bays: 1.

Internal 3.5“ bays: 2.

Internal 2.5“ bays: 1.

Expansion slots: 7.

Front Ports: 2 x USB3.0 (with USB2.0 convertor), 1 x USB2.0, HD-Audio x 1, mic x 1, SD card reader, fan controller.

Cooling system: Front – 2 x 120mm fan (included red led), rear – 1 x 120mm (included), top – 2 x 120mm (optional). Dimensions: 400 x 211 x 480mm.

Box dimensions: 578 x 263 x 538.

Clearance: VGA – 370mm, CPU Cooler – 170mm.

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Kolink Aviator V review

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