Fire Kids Edition Review

A kid at heart, Michael has been playing with Fire

They do say ‘Get them young and they are yours for life’. I’m not sure whether this thought was paramount in the mind of Amazon when the company developed a childcentric version of its Fire tablet, but the Fire Kids Edition was born and took its place in the Amazon range of goods.

With this product, Amazon has taken the fifth-generation 16GB version of its 7” Fire tablet encased in a rubber pink or blue bumper grip and protective unit. To this is added one-year free access to thousands of books, TV shows, educational apps and games. As this product is meant for use by a child or children, accidents can happen, so Amazon has included a two-year warranty that offers a free, no questions asked, replacement service in the case of breakages.


The combination of the Fire tablet and its protective shield creates a device weighing 405g and with dimensions of 219 x 138x 25.5mm (WxHxD) when held in the preferred landscape orientation. While on the subject of orientation, the tablet insists on powering up in portrait mode before switching to the orientation that the child will probably be using.

Along with its protective duties, the bumper has cut-out sectiona, giving access to the power button, volume control, camera lens (both front and rear), micro-USB port for charging the device and the speaker outlet. The bumper also has an arrangement of hexagon depressions on the rear, which certainly helped when gripping the unit. You will need to remove the bumper unit if you decide to increase the standard 12GB of storage up to 128GB with the insertion of a micro-SD card.

Prior to setting up this Fire device for the younger members of the family, whether they belong to the categories of Kids (under 10) or Teens (over 11), parents can carry out tasks such as selecting the country/region plus font size and join a wi-fi network. The tablet will also need to be linked to an Amazon account. The parental module will need the protection of a password or PIN.

Profiles can be created for individual children. These profiles can be identified using one of the supplied images or a photo taken using the Fire tablet.

When setting up profiles, you will need to supply the child’s first name, sex and date of birth. A designated bedtime can be set for the child plus a period on inactivity before the tablet will restart. Educational goals can be set for activities such as reading, watching educational videos and tackling tasks. A setting can be applied whereby educational goals need to be met before any entertainment options can be tackled. Specific settings can vary between weekdays and weekends.

The parent can manage elements such as the available storage by adding and removing content from a child’s profile account. Access to certain browsing activities can be blocked, as can making purchases of additional content including those in-app purchases which can run up massive bills. You can also disable location-based services and the transfer of content to sites such as Facebook.

One point to take into consideration is that the Fire OS software connects to the Appstore rather than the Play store. While the Appstore is reasonably well stocked, it is not as comprehensive as Google’s Play Store, mm Michael Fereday

All-round protection for a child’s mobile tablet activity

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