Devolo dLAN 550+ Starter Kit Review: An affordable Powerline

Devolo launches an affordable Powerline and wireless starter kit


• Requirements: Broadband router, mains wiring

Spreading wi-fi around your home can be something of a nightmare if the default location for your router isn’t conducive to wireless connections. This is especially true in old Georgian properties where the master socket is often in the hallway in what might be a very tall and deep building.

In these cases what you really need to do is create a wireless access point elsewhere, preferable higher up to cover the more commonly use locations.


The Devolo dLAN 550+ Starter Kit is built for this job, as it combines a Powerline 550+ networking with 802.11 b, g or n wireless. That allows you to utilise the existing ring main power wiring to establish wired network with the router and then anywhere on that circuit place the wi-fi access point.

And as with previous Devolo Powerline designs, it’s gone with a through-power socket, so you don’t need extra free power sockets to deploy it.

The kit comprises of two parts: a Powerline interface with two Ethernet ports on it and a Powerline wireless adapter with a single Ethernet port on it.

These Ethernet ports allow you both to connect wired equipment at either end, but also you don’t need a dedicated one at the router end.

Key Features

• 300Mbps ‘n’ class wi-fi connection.

• 500 or 200Mbps Powerline network.

• A range of up to 400 metres with Devolo’s range+ technology.

• Seamless integration through WiFi Move Technology.

• Powerline encryption for shared circuits.

• Ethernet ports at both ends.

• Through-power avoiding dedicated sockets.


The limitation of these ports is that they’re 10/100 and not gigabit speed, so whatever you connect to them won’t overload the theoretical 500Mbps that the Powerline networking might deliver. As with all the Powerline gear that I’ve covered from many suppliers, these speeds need to viewed as possible but unlikely. They’re very dependent on the quality of your wiring and what other interference generating appliances you’ve got connected to it.


That said, the Powerline network is generally quicker than the Ethernet ports at either end and quicker than the vast majority of broadband connections in the UK.

Where Devolo invested more technology in this kit was in the wi-fi side of this equation, using its Range+ technology to enhance its effectiveness.

It might only use the 2.4GHz range, but it can still offer a throughput of up 300Mbps and generally a much better reach than 5GHz wireless technology.

It’s also really easy to set up, as Devolo created a simple means to clone the existing Wireless SSID and password. This allows your devices to seamlessly move between the router and the wi-fi adapter with needing to be altered in any way.

As you might expect from this brand, the hardware is well made. It provides concise and clear instructions and has a decent support infrastructure if you run into a problem. And once you’ve installed this kit, you can expand it with extra wired or wireless modules.

My only reservation about this product is the same I have for most wi-fi and Powerline hardware, in that you can only really establish the performance you’ll get once it’s in place.

However, as suppliers of this equipment go, Devolo is undoubtedly the market leader, mm Mark Pickavance

A simple solution that combines Powerline and wi-fi effectively

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Devolo dLAN 550+ Starter Kit Review

A simple solution that combines Powerline and wi-fi effectively

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