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BeQuiet Silent Wings Dark Power Pro 11 550W review

The BeQuiet Dark Power Pro range were launched toward the end of last year, and they’ve since proved their worth to system builders.

As the menacing name suggests, the Dark Power Pro 11 PSU are high-end of products, ranging from the entry-level 550W model we have on test, through to the huge 1200W model. However, each offers roughly the same feature set, including an 80-Plus Platinum power efficiency.

This PSU’s list of features is impressive. With four 12V rails offering between 20A and 25A, a 135mm silent fan, loads of voltage protection and modular connections, it’s certainly an interesting power supply.


Supplied cable connectors consist of four PCIe 6+2 pin, along with a single six-pin PCIe, eight SATA, a single floppy, four Molex, five PATA four-pin, 24-pin power, an eight-pin power and an additional 4+4 eight-pin 12V power.

Each cable is sleeved in mesh with 600mm built-in motherboard power cables and an incredible 1200mm cable length across the 17 supplied connectors. Clearly, the PSU is designed for big systems, where leading the cables through the motherboard backplate and other hidden chassis recesses is necessary for proper cable management.

Included with the cables is an overclocking switch, which is built into a PCI backplate and leads to connectors on the PSU. The term ‘overclocking’ is a little misleading in this respect, because when activated, it doesn’t overclock the PSU or the PC; it actually switches between single-rail and quad-rail modes. Regardless of whether you’d call this an overclock of sorts or not, it’s still an interesting feature -but one that most users would probably never use.

The Silent Wings 135mm fan certainly lives up to its name: it’s barely audible above the other system noises. The case fan we had on the rear of the system we’re using as the test bed was louder. According to the product information too, the fan is capable of spinning up to 1200rpm depending on the temperature of the PSU. We’re not sure how fast our test unit ran, but we’re fairly sure it wasn’t the full 1200rpm. It was, however, still remarkably quiet.

The BwQuiet Silent Wings Dark Power Pro 11 550W is an exceptional power supply.

The BeQuiet Silent Wings Dark Power 11 is more than a lengthy-titled PSU. There are loads of features and extras, but it’s still over £100.

It has everything you could possibly want from a PSU in the box, including a few things you never thought you’d need or want. 550W is plenty for most users, but those who want SLI and more components would be better off with the 750W model.

Although it comes in at around £130, when you consider the wealth of features, the cable length, the connections and the fact you’re buying a high-quality product, you can see that it’s well worth it.

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BeQuiet Silent Wings Dark Power Pro 11 550W review

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