Amazon Kindle 2016 Review

New edition of the classic e-reader

When you think of ebook readers, Kindle is probably the first name that springs to mind. Amazon’s device was the first to really take off, and has seen off several competitors, including Barnes & Noble’s Nook. In recent years, the company has expanded its range with enhanced models like the Paperwhite and Oasis, while the basic Kindle stayed basic. Now it’s been spruced up. Compared with its predecessor, the chassis feels classy – while it ’s still plastic, it’s as slim as the pricier Paperwhite at 9.1mm. That is still noticeably thicker than a tablet like the iPad mini, but it’s less than half the weight. Besides black, you can now get the Kindle in white, but we found it quickly showed up dirt marks.

Amazon Kindle (2016) Review

The 6in display is smaller than a paperback, so you’ll need to turn the page more often. That’s done by tapping either side of the screen, which is easy even when holding the Kindle with one hand.

There are only 167 pixels per inch, compared with 300 on the other Kindles and about 2,400 in an actual (digitally typeset) book. But you’ll only notice the difference if you set the text size very small and hold the display close to your face. Stick to larger print at a comfortable reading distance and it looks acceptably sharp.

Besides the price, a major reason to choose a Kindle rather than a general-purpose tablet is its ‘E Ink ’ technology, which doesn’t emit light but reflects it, like paper. That makes it less tiring on the eyes. On the other hand, you’ll need good light to read by , because unlike some models this Kindle has no optional illumination built in. If you often read in bed while your partner sleeps, or just prefer the room lighting low, this may not be the ebook-reader for you.

If you’re unable to use the screen at all, however, the new VoiceView feature will read to you. You’ll need wireless Bluetooth headphones or a speaker (there’s no headphone jack), and microphones aren’t supported, so you can’t give voice commands to turn pages and pick options.


Amazon’s enormous bookstore is directly accessible via Wi-Fi. The Kindle ’s 4GB of built-in storage will hold thousands of books, and you can always delete some and re-download them later if it fills up, but there’s a microUSB slot to add capacity too.

KF8/ AZW3 illustrated books are compatible as well as regular Kindle titles, along with text and PDF files.

The rechargeable battery lasts around 14 hours. If you sat down to read Anna Karenina in one go, it would give up even if you didn’t. But more likely you’d want to mark your place and carry on later, and the Kindle lets you do that. You can also search for words and topics within a book, look up words in a dictionary , and bring up several pages at once to cross-reference. As on previous Kindles, you can quote a passage on Facebook or Twitter to share what you’re reading with friends, or compare notes on book-recommendation site Goodreads.

For £60, the new Kindle is good value, as long as you can put up with Amazon ’s ‘s pecial offers’ – what the rest of us call ‘adverts’ – popping up ev ery time you turn it on. If not, you can pay an extr a tenner (either when buying the device or later) to turn them off. At this price it has no real competition.



6in E Ink touchscreen • 4GB memory • 802.11n Wi-Fi • MicroUSB slot • Reads AZW and AZW3, MOBI, PRC formats • 160x115x9.1mm (HxWxD) • One-year warranty


It still feels quite basic, but this is the Kindle to buy unless your special requirements justify you spending twice or four times as much

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Amazon Kindle 2016 Review

The new Kindle for 2016 is a great entry-level eReader and comes packed with extra features

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