Amazon Fire TV Stick Review


Before we start, let’s address the elephant in the room: yes. you can still install Kodi on the new Amazon Fire : TV Stick. Amazon’s updated streamer also comes with an Alexa voice-control remote and a quad-core processor that makes it a lot faster than its predecessor. Both dongle and remote have been made slightly larger to accommodate the new hardware, but the remote’s redesigned curved back nestles nicely in your palm and its buttons are sensibly spread out.

Alexa integration adds massive potential to the Fire TV Stick. It means you can now use the voice remote to ; control smart devices in your house.

I check your diary, discover local restaurants and even follow your sports team, although it took us a while to learn which commands we could use. The interface has had a minor facelift and all the big-name apps remain available, so you can still stream Netflix.

Amazon Prime and scores of catch-up TV apps. Alternatively, you can play your own content, using apps such as Plex.

DLNA and Airplay streaming are also supported and because file-explorer apps are readily available, you can install your own third-party apps, including Kodi.

You can also download games from the Amazon AppStore and play them using your remote, or invest in the optional Fire TV Game controller.

The Fire TV Stick isn’t as powerful as the Fire TV set-top box. but you can enjoy the sort of basic games usually played on a phone.

The first-generation Fire TV Stick was great, but it lacked oomph. This new stick is more versatile and -thanks to its quad-core processor -is much quicker. Alexa is a great addition, too. The Fire TV Stick has only had a modest price hike and is better value than ever.

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